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Investor Feedback


Director of Nestle Russia LLC, the branch in Vologda:

“One of the key factors of Nestle success in Vologda is the building and the development of long-term partnership not only with our suppliers and clients, but also with the regional and local authorities. This work gained a new impetus since the establishment of Vologda Region Development Corporation. Due to direct support of the Development Corporation in April 2014 Nestle completed the investment project on opening a new in Vologda factory for baby cereals NESTLÉ, equipped with the latest technology. The Corporation management was always attentive and involved not only in the discussion of problems and issues of investors’ concern, but also in their decision. When developing and implementing this ambitious investment project we always found the support from the VRDC representatives from legal consultation to state support and planning permission. All this helped to solve effectively different challenges facing the project team, and in general – to form correctly the investment attractiveness of the Region. “


General Director of Bodrost OOO:

“Working with the Corporation on the project for hemodialysis unit modernization in Vologda I would say that the level of solving issues is very high here. There were a lot of problems, as well as the closed doors, but the Corporation knows where to knock and how to overcome different obstacles in the current legal framework. I am grateful to the specialists that they didn’t let me give up and went with me all the way.

Our common efforts helped to complete the project. Today 125 patients are treated daily. And there is no queue to the procedures. The goal is achieved. “


General Director of UsteLes OOO and Bioenergetica OOO:

“In two years of work with Vologda Region Development Corporation we became a team. Working together we launched the project on the plywood plant building, the first line of which works successfully today, and another one is being prepared for the launch ahead of schedule. Now in the territory of Sokol industrial park we are ready to implement one more ambitious and unique investment project on establishment of deep wood processing complex. I am sure that with the help of the Corporation leading this project all our plans will be realized! “


Director of Vologda forest food products’ mill, OOO:

“Our enterprise is the manufacturer of tinned fruit-berry products since 2001. The choice of the area in the Vologda Region wasn't accidental. The Region has the developed logistic infrastructure with the big cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg. From the very beginning the project was actively supported by Vologda Region Development Corporation. The result of cooperation was the output of new premium-class production Vologodskoe Varene.”


Vice-president of the group of companies Neva Milk,

Member of Board of Directors of Severnoye Moloko, OAO:

“As the result of the project realization OAO Severnoye Moloko became the only manufacturer of Feta cheese in the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS-countries. It’s easy to supply cheese from the Vologda Region to the main logistic centers of the companies situated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Secondly, the Vologda Region is one of the most 'milky' regions of the country that is why the enterprise is provided with raw materials. The third advantage is highly qualified personnel. Thanks to Vologda Region Development Corporation we managed to solve a number of important issues that let realize the project in the shortest possible time.”

Aleksandr PERKHUROV,

Founder of Optimekh Ecology, OOO

“The project that we are implementing is innovative. The process of water preparation and wastewater treatment needs the development of new effective solutions. One of these solutions is the application of modular cleaning systems in small settlements and at industrial facilities where the use of stationary cleaning systems is impossible. We are grateful to Vologda Region Development Corporation for the support in our project realization.”


Director of Baranka Cafe, OOO

The development of the road service objects is one of the RF Transport Strategy key directions for the period up to 2030.

The Vologda Region is the first region of Russia, where our company together with LUKOIL-Volganefteprodukt is implementing the project on the creation of the network of road service multifunctional complexes along the federal highways. The project realization became possible due to the active support of the Vologda Region Government and the direct participation of Vologda Region Development Corporation in the project.



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