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  • Investments in Vologda Region economy achieved record-breaking 123 bln rubles.
19.02.2018 09:22

Investments in Vologda Region economy achieved record-breaking 123 bln rubles.

Investments in Vologda Region economy achieved record-breaking 123 bln rubles.
The Vologda Region achieved in 2017 the record-breaking target on investments in the region’s industry – 123 bln rubles. For the last 5 years the investment amount has increased 1.75 times from 70 bln rubles in 2013 to 123 bln rubles in 2017, Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov said in TASS interview in the couloirs of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. “Through the creation of the favorable investment climate, the regulated investment legislation, what conforms to the standards of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, last five years we annually increase investments in key funds, in regional economy. If we started in 2013, when I became the Governor, from 70 bln rubles of investments, then last year we set an absolute record – 123 bln,” the interlocutor of the Agency said. According to him, the region takes the fourth place in the country on the rate of investment growth. “Last year the growth was 144%. This is the huge number. And the President Vladimir Putin at the closing meeting of State Council, dedicated to the investment activity of the regions, named the Vologda region among ten regions-leaders on the rate of investment growth,” the Governor reminded. He emphasized, that the large projects get the priority status, all they are under personal control of the region’s head. In the region there was introduced one more term – “large-scale investment project”, when the land plot is granted to an investor with all corresponding infrastructure. About the projects In 2018 the affiliated company of Phosagro AO Apatit plans to complete the integrated project for expanding the manufacture. The complex will be the most powerful in Russia and will let the company to strengthen the leading positions in producing mineral fertilizers. The company has invested in the project more than 65 bln rubles for several years. In 2017 there were launched the unit for ammonia production with a capacity of 760 ths tons a year and the unit for granulated carbamide with a capacity of 500 ths tons a year, it is prepared to build a new manufacture for ammonia sulphate. Severstal is finishing its project on construction of the metal plating complex, the investment volume of which is 7.6 bln rubles, and starts depth modernization of the domain manufacture. In particular, one plans the major repairs of the fifth blast-furnace with investments of about 30 bln rubles. One more large project – creation of the joint Russian-Belarusian machine-building cluster on the basis of Cherepovets Casting and Mechanical Plant together with Minsk Tractor Works. It is planned to invest in the project 1 bln rubles. For today Cherepovets Casting and Mechanical Plant manufacture every third small tractor in Russia – about 1.7-2 ths units a year. By the year 2020 the partners intend to double the output to 3-4 ths tractors a year, that let Cherepovets become the largest producer of tractors in the country, the Governor noticed. In timber industry complex one realizes 22 large priority investment projects in the sphere of forest development through the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the total investment amount - 13.5 bln rubles. “The Vologda Region is on the second place in Russia for annual wood-cutting area. In addition we do not export roundwood. For last 10 years the volume of deep wood processing increased from 40% up to 65%,” Kuvshinnikov said. Gazprom realizes the projects on gas transportation system development, second line construction for the main pipe Ukhta-Torzhok, investment volume – more than 50 bln rubles for the next two years. It is continuing the gasification of the Vologda region, the construction of a gas outlet for Kirillov, Belozersk, Lipin Bor, Vytegra and further to the city of Pudozh in Karelia, the volume of investments is 22.5 billion rubles. This will provide with gas more than 75,000 local residents and infrastructure facilities. "We start designing gasification, here in Sochi we with Veliky Novgorod agreed that we will prepare a joint letter on the gasification of the Tver, Novgorod and Vologda regions through Velikiy Ustyug, necessary capital investments - more than 10 bln rubles, and the direction of the gas pipeline to Kharovsk - investments over 6 bln rubles" , Vologda Region Governor summarized. The Russian Investment Forum is being held in Sochi on February 15-16 with the participation of the RF Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. This is a traditional platform for presenting the investment and economic potential of the Russian Federation. Last year at the forum there were concluded more than 377 agreements for 490 billion rubles. The organizer is Roskognress Foundation, TASS is the general information partner and the photohost agency of the forum.



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