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24.05.2018 09:38

CLT plant will be built in Vologda region

CLT plant will be built in Vologda region
Opening the meeting, the head of the Vologda region stressed that the Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema is a strategic partner of the region, a company the region has long-standing friendly relations with. “Your enterprises operating in the territory of our region are backbone for whole industries. Therefore, for our part, we try to do everything possible for business to feel comfortable, expand and develop successfully,” the Governor said. Oleg Kuvshinnikov emphasized, that at the moment the RF Government is taking measures to stimulate the construction of private house buildings. The Vologda region with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade started the creation of Russia's largest cluster of private wooden house construction, the core investor of which is Sokol Woodworking Plant. The enterprise began the realization of the project on CLT plant construction. This is a modern environmentally friendly construction material, which is a cross-glued layers of softwood. Its thickness can vary from 6 to 40 cm, and the length - up to 24 meters. Thus, only one panel can be the house face on one side. In addition, the material has high fire-resistance, noise and thermal insulation coefficients. Modern technology has already proven itself in Europe, the United States and Japan and is just beginning to be introduced in Russia. The corresponding site at the Woodworking Plant has already been prepared for a new production. Pre-project work is being carried out, the necessary technological equipment is being selected. It is planned that the project will be implemented before 2020, and the total investment is 1 billion 350 million rubles. After the plant reaches the designed capacity, it will be able to produce more than 35.4 thousand cubic meters of CLT-panels annually. “Due to such an enormous investment the new jobs will be created, and the Vologda region woodworking industry will reach a fundamentally different technological level. All this allows us to apply to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with a request to create in Sokol the territory of advanced social and economic development, the key resident of which will be Sokol Woodworking Plant. I have already given instructions to prepare the documents,” Oleg Kuvshinnikov said. The view of the region’s head was shared by Andrey Dubovskov, President of AFK Sistema, who confirmed that the company is starting to implement this major project: “We are in the Vologda region for a long time and here to stay. Thank you very much, Oleg Alexandrovich, for the support that you give us as an investor. For our part, we assure that we will do our best to make the business successful, to create new jobs in the region and expand the tax base.” According to the Press Service of the Vologda Region Governor



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