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29.06.2018 12:48

New garment manufacture opened in Vologdawas

New garment manufacture opened in Vologdawas
Today a new modern garment manufacture was opened at the Vologda Textile Factory. The participants of the first workshop launch ceremony were the representatives of the region government, the city of Vologda, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Russian and regional enterprises, Vologda Region Development Corporation, and the Group of Companies “Vostok-Service”, which is the project investor. For 82 years a lot has happened at the Vologda Textile Factory: from the status of the USSR leading enterprise in light industry with a production of up to 25 million linear meters of fabric per year to bankruptcy manufacture in 2015. “This is an integrated plant with a glorious history that had a long way full of success and failure. The enterprise stood idle for almost a year and a half, but the heroic efforts of the plant team managed to keep the production assets and the richest traditions. In 2015, thanks to the joint efforts of the regional government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the consortium of investors, as well as banks and trade unions, we succeeded in restarting the enterprise, which began to produce products demanded in the market,” Vologda Region Governor Oleg Kuvshinnikov said. The next step to support Vologda Textile was the decision to develop the plant's territory and search for potential residents. The corresponding agreement was signed by the Governor of the Vologda region Oleg Kuvshinnikov and the Director General of Vostok-Service Sergei Shiryaev in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. At that time, it was decided to further develop the production complex, create an infrastructure, and maintain a technical, organizational and scientific base to ensure the entry of new residents into the company's free sites. “Today is a truly historic day for the Vologda region and our largest textile enterprise. We are joined by Vostok-Service, which is the largest developer in Russia and Europe, the manufacturer and supplier of work clothes, safety footwear and personal safety equipment. Thanks to the new production in the plant’s territory, up to 12.5 thousand clothing items will be produced annually. This is a modern competitive product, which is in demand by our enterprises Severstal and PhosAgro, machine-building and timber industry complex,” Oleg Kuvshinnikov noted. The number of employees of the new production is 50 people. At the same time the workshop is perfect place regarding innovations and equipment. The investor emphasizes that the technological process was built taking into account the prospects for further expansion of production and the opening of another 100 new jobs. “First of all, I want to thank the Vologda Region Governor and the Development Corporation . We are honored to work on your land, which has rich textile traditions. Today we are opening only the first stage and by the end of the year we intend to launch the second line and increase the output one and a half times - up to 12.5 thousand units,” Vostok-Service Group founder Vladimir Golovnev, said. “We would like that our production facilities, today it is 14 light industry enterprises, use only Vologda fabrics. For this purpose we will do everything possible to ensure that new technologies and equipment appear here.” “Traditionally, the Development Corporation has supported the investment project. We oversaw Vostok-Service project at all stages of its implementation: from organizing a meeting of a potential resident with the management of the Vologda Textile Factory and selecting a manufacturing area to preparing professional personnel for work at the garment manufacture. In addition, the Corporation promotes the manufacture of Vologda Textile, which is fully prepared to take new residents and provide their uninterrupted operation. The joint work of such large enterprises of light industry is a new stage in the textile production development in the Vologda region. For the region it is also a successful example of the business cooperation development. Vologda Textile Factory will supply raw materials for production of work clothes to Vostok-Service. Vostok-Service in turn plans to deliver the products to the federal retail chains and to the market of the Vologda region,” VRDC Director General Oksana Yakovleva explained. Yury Voitsekhovsky, Director General of Zemstvo Managing Company, added that Vologda Textile is ready to increase capacities to meet the growing needs of partners: “Last year we produced 2.5 million linear meters of fabrics, and this year we plan to reach already 4 million. Now we actively develop two directions: home textiles and fabrics for work clothes. Already now, we and our colleagues are developing new technological types of fabrics for protection against fire and electric arc. That’s why I am confident that this platform will continue to develop successfully.” Another arrangement made today is about to organize on the basis of regional vocational technical institutions the training of specialists to work on the expanding capacities of the enterprise. The Vostok-Service management expressed its willingness to provide methodological assistance to secondary vocational education organizations, as well as to organize a training area for future specialists in the manufacture. “Today it was decided to create the largest textile cluster in the country on the basis of Vologda Textile Factory. We will invite manufacturers of specialized fabrics and sewing equipment to become the residents and locate their productions. There is everything necessary for this here: area, engineering communications, and in the future there will also be professional staff. That’s why I am grateful to the consortium of investors who decided to develop their production in Vologda, as well as the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which supported our initiatives,” Governor summed up.



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